Diddy’s Making the Band is an ABC/MTV reality television series with multiple installments, each concentrating on a different musical act. However, fans have gone crazy after some of its clips go viral.

Fans couldn’t believe how crazy the shows were, especially how Diddy ordered the show’s players around when two snippets from episodes of Making The Band 2 and 4 leaked online on Monday (February 28). The first footage was from MTB 4, in which Diddy had everyone line up on opposite sides and engage in a singing competition to see who wanted the chance more.

The fact that all of the men were dressed in their pajamas and singing to each other with sincerity while Diddy’s cold glare was fixed on them was what made the video so unforgettable. People on social media were quick to accuse Sean Combs of overdoing it with the fight. “Diddy was really running musical prison camps on Making the Band.” This tweet blew up in a big way.

Diddy ordered members of his Hip Hop group Da Band to walk to Brooklyn from Midtown Manhattan to bring him some cheesecake from the famed Junior’s Cheesecake shop in the second video from MTB 2. The gang actually went out and completed the mission, which went down in television history.

Diddy’s time on Making The Band came to an end in April 2009, when the fourth season’s final episode aired. In 2019, it was reported that Diddy and MTV were planning to revive the show in 2020, with the hip hop tycoon making the news on social media. More reactions to Diddy’s Making the Band shenanigans can be found below.

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