Mark Lanegan and Courtney Love have a long history together, which is documented in Lanegan’s new biography Sing Backwards And Weep. However, following Mark Lanegan’s death, Courtney has recently released a pseudo-homage to him. She also isn’t thrilled about the book.

Courtney paid tribute to late grunge hero Mark Lanegan on Saturday that turned into a rambling bit of score-settling concerning Lanegan’s first biography. “Rip mark,” she began, according to Stereogum, who saw the post on Instagram before Love erased it. “You were a good friend to me & Kurt. even if in your book you wrote our close friendship out, I’m still baffled & so sad about that. But sigh. ‘market forces of sexism’ #. It is what it is.”

“In #anthonykiedis’ book #scartissue despite us being roommates and hanging out ALOT & also in BED, for years previous to me begging Kurt not to kick @chilipeppers off the cow palace NYE 92 show due to @flea333 – whose never sold me out – generosity being the reason hole could even rehearse – in ‘ #scar tissue’ I first appear on Kurt’s arm? ‘whining’ ?” she continued.

Getting back to Lanegan, Love wrote:

“In any event ‘the winding sheet’ & the stunning ‘whiskey for the Holy Ghost’ we’re [sic] my brilliant soundtracks for all of awful 1994, I always thought you were a man of great honor & underrated. I’d have done anything for you & I did. I co-signed your mortgage. I put you in sober living for a year. I paid for 3 rehabs. & of course, I never wanted or needed any public acknowledgment or thanks for it. And. I didn’t get it either! Lol. I heard you had a long covid bad death & im so sorry. Rest in power. I’d like to think you’d have come around & made up for your appalling rendition of me in your tome mark, wherever you are.”

Love eventually removed the post and replaced it with a photo of herself and Lanegan with the caption “safe travels Lanegan.” Lanegan died Tuesday morning at the age of 57 at his home in Killarney, Ireland.

The frontman of Screaming Trees died less than a year after a month-long fight with COVID-19, which he detailed in his second memoir, “Devil in a Coma,” which was released in 2021.

Lanegan’s first memoir, “Sing Backwards and Weep,” was chock-full of juicy details from his time in the music industry’s trenches, and it does state that Love paid for at least one of his rehab visits. However, Lanegan said he was still haunted by the remorse for not picking up Kurt Cobain’s phone on the day the Nirvana frontman killed himself, fearing the call might be about his wife Love’s turmoil.

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