Benzino is still a bit too open to speak and it definitely is about Eminem. Nearly two full decades later and Benzino continues to fire shots at Em. This time he made it clear on Twitter.

The creator of Hip Hop Weekly recently took to Twitter to remind everyone about his feud with Slim Shady. Benzino responded to a tweet from rapper Money Man and clarified his feelings towards the hip hop legend. Unfortunately, he still hates Em.

“I ain’t never listened to no Eminem,” tweeted Money Man in a since-deleted post. “Nobody in my hood did,” continued Benzino. Clearly, Benzino still feels some type of way about the multi-platinum Super Bowl Halftime Show performer.

The Southpawer Twitter account immediately grabbed the opportunity and taunted Zino for still being mad at Em. This led Detroit rapper Lazarus to respond aswell. “Eminem came and changed the game. The facts are clear,” wrote Lazarus.

Benzino however, wasn’t happy about that that and decided to respond with a question. The Hip Hop Weekly creator cheekily asked, “Changed the game for who?” Benzino has previously responded to Em with his own diss records, which made some noise, but never ultimately resulted in a serious rap career for him.

As of now, Eminem has not taken the bait and responded to his longtime rival. However, we certainly thinks Benzino needs to move on. Check out the tweets below.

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