Shanna Moakler’s Instagram account went live on Thursday morning. However it was not Moakler who was on the other end but her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau. Her boyfriend went on IG live from her account to let the world know the truth about her.

Moakler’s boyfriend 29 year old Matthew Rondeau went live on her Instagram account on February 24 to announce that he was never going to talk to Moakler again and call her a slew of names. It was the day right after Celebrity Big Brother 3 came to an end. In the video Rondeau could be seen walking around his and Moakler’s neighborhood.

The couple has been having problems recently. However what her boyfriend had to say on the video might be pretty hard to come back from.

“I am never talking to this f***ing specimen of a f***ing human ever again”.

Rondeau proceeds to claim that Moakler had been talking to other people throughout their relationship and lying to him. He points to a house and angrily screams that Moakler had slept at their neighbor’s house the night before. He screams that the neighbor has “a f***ing wife and f***ing kids”.

As the four minute video continues, Rondeau proceeds to attack Moakler’s character. “She’s a f***ing wh*re” he says, walking around the neighborhood. He also calls Moakler a “c***”, a “sociopath narcissist piece of s****”, and says he is sick of people “worshipping this a**hole of a human being”.

At one point, Rondeau says he makes more money than Moakler and states, “I’m not f***ing drunk, I’m not f***ing high, I’m completely heartbroken”. He returns to the inside of his house at the end of the video and reiterates that he’s never going to talk to Moakler again.

After seeing Rondeau’s level of anger on Instagram, fans are worried about Moakler’s safety. “oh god, someone who knows shanna, please check in, is she okay?!” one Instagram user commented on the video posted by Rondeau. “Domestic abuse right here” another wrote. “I’m scared for Shanna. This is beyond disturbing” said another fan.

Last week Shanna unfollowed her boyfriend on social media and now it looks like the relationship might have come to an end.

Later in the day the video from her instagram was taken down but it’s unclear if it was Moakler or Rondeau. However we have got you covered. Check out the full video below :

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