Ken Mauer was recognized as a tenured referee in the NBA. Among the active NBA referees, Mauer had a ton of respect as well. Ken Mauer recently claimed that he was barred from the league over the vaccination mandate.

Ken Mauer, a longtime NBA referee, claimed that he was thrown out of the league because he refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons. The 36-year NBA veteran spoke on Jason Whitlock’s show, “Fearless,” and said that the reason he hasn’t been on the court this season is that to the league’s vax mandate.

“I never thought that my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ would prevent me or stop me or get in the way of me refereeing NBA basketball games. That’s what’s happened. Not to just me, but other people.”

Mauer, who was raised Catholic, informed the BlazeTV host that he is concerned about the vaccine after conducting his own investigation, claiming that he believes aborted fetal tissue was utilized in its production. According to the 66-year-old, as many as 17 referees initially rejected the vax rule established in the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement before the season began.

Players are not required to be vaccinated at this time. Many of Ken’s coworkers didn’t want to get the vaccine at first but felt compelled to do so because their livelihood and ability to provide for their families were on the line.

“There are many referees who were forced to because they have children, they have families, and they have bills to pay. They’re scared and I’m not. I’m never going to take the vaccine.”

“I’m not ashamed of what I’m doing, In fact, I’m very proud of what I’m doing. I’m very proud of my faith.”

Mauer has voiced no misgivings about his decision to stay unvaccinated and believes it is unfortunate that workers across the country are being pressured to receive the vaccine. Do you support Mauer? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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