Mark Cuban is of the belief that all of his employees have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 There is no large government mandate supporting COVID-19 vaccination for large companies. However, she has a logical reason for why all of his employees must be vaccinated.

The Supreme Court has already outlined how the government is supposed to impose vaccine mandates. While they can impose vaccine mandates on companies within the health care industry, the government can’t bring out a mandate for other companies.

However, companies which want to follow a strict vaccine mandate can’t do it on their own accord. This is what Mark Cuban has exercised in making it mandatory for all of his employees to be vaccinated.

All the research says that mandates work. In a perfect world you’d just want to leave it up to employee choice, but this is a contagious disease and we have t take responsibility. I have to take responsibility for thousands of people. You can’t just ignore and hope it works it’s way out…in my companies you’re required to be vaccinated. Should the government do the same for major employers? I go back and forth honestly, I don’t have a good answer for you.

Cuban says that since there are millions of cancer survivors as well as immuno compromised individuals who have comorbidities, vaccines and mandates are important. Cuban adds that these are backed by research as well.

Cuban’s reasoning is sound as according to there are an estimate of 16.9 million cancer survivors in U.S. While the data is from 2019 January, the projected number of cancer survivors by 2030 in the United States stands to be 22.2 million. If such a large number of people are facing a threat of suffering because of COVID-19, then vaccine mandates are quite important, and Cuban is setting a great example.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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