Jodie Turner-Smith appeared to be having the time of her life in images she shared on Instagram over the weekend during her vacation with friends. While soaking up some sun on a Miami beach, the 35-year-old Queen & Slim star flaunted her incredible figure in a small green bikini.

The mother-of-one shared a slew of outtakes from her trip to Florida, including a few from the beach. In the first photo, the singer posed in the sand with yellow flowers and a glass of wine. As she relaxed on the sand, her raven hair was left down, grazing her shoulders in tightly curled spirals.

As she sat in a reclining chair, the NAACP Image Award candidate appeared completely at ease. Her mother accompanied her, dressed in a bright red, white, and green striped beach outfit.

In her caption, the artist from the United Kingdom wrote: ‘I never do these. but here’s a 3/4 best friends in Miami photo dump.’ 


Later, Jodie sat with another friend and a dog on a blue and white beach towel. The actress, who is married to fellow actor Joshua Jackson, grinned as she relaxed with her pals.

She was on all fours as she squatted by the seaside under a blue and gloomy sky in one burning photograph. Jodie was accompanied by photographer Frankie Mark-Nancy Gomez, who was dressed in a white string bikini.

The slideshow followed with images from a night out, in which the public person wore a body-clinging leopard print garment. Smith is seen walking through a dimly lit corridor in one photograph taken from behind.

Jodie also posted a video of herself and one of her pals dancing while walking down a hallway. Turner-Smith teased a photo of a tiny child, possibly her daughter, with Joshua Jackson, whose identity they’ve kept under wraps, in the carousel.

The child’s hands were seen holding one of the flowers in the photo, but their face was not seen. Jodie’s husband Joshua was not seen at the beach, thus it was unclear if he had accompanied her on her vacation.

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