Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green talked about the recent blockbuster James Harden-Ben Simmons trade. Green admitted that he thinks the Brooklyn Nets got the better end of the deal.

Green explained that the result doesn’t stem from just Simmons or Harden, but instead the value Seth Curry provides Brooklyn. According to Sixers Wire, Seth Curry was even bigger than the picks for Draymond Green.

Even bigger than the picks for me was Seth Curry. I just didn’t think Philly would be trading Seth Curry. Especially the way James Harden plays, you’ve seen shooters around him that can catch and knock the shot down and with Joel Embiid, I mean, you always want to pair a big man with a shooter just in case they’re trying to double team, you can’t help on Seth Curry. So that takes one guy out of the picture and so with them putting that team together, I was really shocked that they gave up Seth Curry.

Curry is averaging 15.0 points per game and making 40% of his three-point attempts. Despite being named to the All-Star team, Green is unlikely to play on Sunday night.

Draymond Green is one of the best players in all of the NBA and continues to play at an elite level as part of the Golden State Warriors. Draymond is one of the NBA’s most talented and consistent players. He’s rehabbing from an injury and has been replaced by Dejounte Murray of the San Antonio Spurs.

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