Lil Duval’s tweets frequently become trending topics, and this happened again after he tweeted about millionaire moguls. The mention of billionaires has sparked a debate on the internet. It seems like Meek Mill decided to chime in to address the big statement.

We’ve heard scores of rappers express their ambition to one day join the ranks of Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Kanye West as billionaires, but according to Duval, those in that tax bracket don’t care about the little person. “Real billionaires see humans as livestock. Remember that next time your glorify and praise one,” Duval claimed.

People were quick to criticize him, claiming that he was somehow associating billionaire status with being evil. Meek Mill penned down his thoughts on the topic with a recent tweet.

I got some black,white asian billionaire friends ….. this a lie! [Jay-Z] and [Michael Rubin] one of them! They do a lot and don’t have to verses people who make millions and don’t do nothing for their own people!

Soon, fans started questioning whether or not billionaires in music, particularly those associated with Rap and Hip Hop, can be felt in specific neighborhoods. The debate is still going on across other media, so let us know if you support Meek or Duval on this one.

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