Comedian Lil Duval whipped rap Twitter into a frenzy on Tuesday (December 7) when he fired off a red-hot take comparing Kodak Black to Kendrick Lamar. He shared his thoughts on Lil Duval tweeting that the “ZEZE” rapper is lyrically “up there” with Kendrick Lamar. “Kodak really up there with Kendrick lyrically but y’all don’t wanna hear it tho,” he wrote.

Needless to say, Duval’s tweet sparked a passionate debate as rap fans flooded his mentions to either angrily disagree with him or support his statement. While the skeptics inevitably came for Duval over his comments, Kodak merely retweeted a handful of tweets that supported this stance. Fans on the other side of the debate chimed in with comments such as, “Take Kodak’s lyrics and cover them in a Kendrick flow and they’ll start calling him a goat.”

When The Shade Room reshared Duval’s comments on Instagram, Kodak decided to make his opinion heard on the matter. “I understand it be controversial Shit behind me but I’ll appreciate it,” Kodak replied in The Shade Room’s comments section. “If y’all just worry bout me Fa my talent & not da other shit on social media !!! Thank You.”

Lil Duval’s debate even caught the attention of Kodak Black himself. Who graciously accepted the Kendrick Lamar comparison while urging fans to focus on his “talent” rather than the “controversial shit” that has, at times, overshadowed his career. Unsurprisingly, Kendrick Lamar — who earlier this year revealed he goes months without a phone — has yet to respond to Lil Duval’s hot take.

This isn’t the first time Duval’s comparisons have garnered pushback. Rap fans sounded off after Duval compared DaBaby to Ludacris. Even DaBaby himself pushed back on that assertion.

Although Kendrick Lamar and Kodak Black don’t seem like an obvious comparison at first, the similarities between the rappers run deeper than some might think. A 2017 video from Genius investigated the Hebrew Israelites’ influence on Kendrick and Kodak’s respective music.

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