Nicki Minaj is a multi-talented rapper with a wide range of skills. Her versatility as an artist is highlighted by her rapping’s dynamic flow and poetry, as well as her utilization of alter egos and accents. Recently, fans saw Nicky Minaj shaking her booty on her new creation ‘Bussin’.

Minaj has returned with two new singles after taking a break from creating new music, and she’s marketing them as her life relies on it. Fans first got “Do We Get A Problem?” which did exceptionally well in its first week, and now fans have “Bussin,” which Mama Minaj has been shaking her booty to as well.

The 39-year-old took to Instagram earlier this week to share a short video of her and a bunch of friends blaring the tune, dancing around, and hyping up Queen Barb, who then leans forward and throws it back, her booty cheeks bouncing behind her.

“Wait you gotta click on the video to see FULL SCREEN YALL. Don’t judge y’all. We did this in [one] take. No rehearsal tingz. Get into this mind-boggling choreo. BUSSIN!!”

While the video has gotten a lot of attention, it isn’t the only Minaj post that has gone viral this week. The Trinidadian rapper had only recently stripped down to a little black thong to show off her behind while standing on a pool table. She had previously revealed far too much about her sex life with Kenneth Petty.

In a since-deleted post, the “Did It On ‘Em” singer tweeted something that got her mercilessly mocked by Twitter users.

“Last night I did back shots and twerked the whole time to ‘Bussin.'”

“Dude was losing his mind. Gave me a whole speech afterward. ‘Ooohhh it’s so soft, it’s clappin crazy, Onika I love you so much, every time I play ‘Bussin’ Ima think about this, yoooooo how [the f*ck] you do that’ men stupid.”

Nicki Minaj wowed her admirers with her latest effort. ‘Bussin’ has got too many fans. Nicki’s admirers should expect to see more of her creations in the near future. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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