Toronto rapper Top5 was on the run from authorities after being accused of murdering Hashim Omar Hashi in January 2021, but Toronto police finally apprehended him. According to CTV News, Top5 was released by authorities and he is now in the custody of Toronto police, where he is charged with first-degree murder.

Top5 was identified as a “fugitive from the Government of Canada” and signed an affidavit of consent to extradition to his home country on December 9, 2021, according to the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Top, whose real name is Hassan Abdibarik Ali, had been having a good time in Los Angeles, California, promoting his new music after posting bail and removing an ankle monitor.

Top5 was found capable to give consent “knowingly and voluntarily” in the presence of a lawyer, according to the courts. He is also a member of the “Go Getem Gang,” which may have something to do with his alleged involvement in the shooting death of Hashim Omar Hashi, 20. The accounting student was mistaken for the person the shooters thought killed Top’s brother, Said Ali, also known as “Foolish.”

“Ali subsequently discussed killing people in retaliation for his brother’s death on social media posts, including one less than three days before the murder,”

Top5 is also not believed of being the gunman, but rather of being a passenger in the same vehicle, according to the courts. Top5 was arrested in February 2021 on charges of accessory to the crime, but he was granted bail in late March.

“The only run I know is the treadmill,” Ali joked in a video last year. “I didn’t do shit. Save that for God.” However, Top’s involvement in the murder has not been proven in court, but he is scheduled to appear in a Toronto courtroom on Friday (February 18).

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