It’s hard for the Kardashians to keep off the socials since they have to cater to millions of fans worldwide. Every time they post something, a certain portion of the crowd will come to critique it. This time Kourtney Kardashian is the target.

Penelope posted a TikTok where she showed off the entire Kylie Jenner Valentine’s Day makeup collection. She shares the account with her mother, Kourtney who uses it to post scarcely. From eyeshadow palettes to lip glosses, Penelope showed off each product in front of the camera in the afternoon sunlight.

Penelope captioned the video, which was set to music by Ariana Grande: “Go get your Kylie cosmetics Valentine makeup.” The video racked up over 167K likes, although certain fans took to Reddit to wonder why Penelope was promoting Kylie’s products. Some came at her defense saying she can hype her aunt’s products up.

One fan commented: “Y’all really thought these kids needed millions of followers so they could express themselves creatively.” Another countered, “Why not? It’s her aunt’s makeup,” as a third agreed, “She’s allowed to hype it up.” A fourth commented: “This is geared as an advertisement, especially with her caption. Paid or not, it’s still a promo, and the girl is nine.”

Previously, fans slammed Kourtney for dressing Penelope up in a skimpy Clueless costume for Halloween. Penelope was wearing a miniskirt, heels, and a blond wig to channel Alicia Silverstone’s character Cher. While the star was loving the youngster’s Halloween costume, some of her followers felt the outfit was too mature.

It’s really up to the parents to dress their kids the way they want. Sure people will comment about it from their own perspectives but at the end of the day, only the parents’ values will get through to the kid.

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