Kate Moss rose to prominence as part of the heroin chic fashion trend in the early 1990s. Her collaborations with Calvin Klein catapulted her to the status of fashion icon. Kate is reportedly fed up with her younger half-sister, model Lottie Moss, for her partying, substance abuse, and half-naked social media photos. Lottie is in rehab now, and things are a bit concerning.

According to Page Six, while Kate Moss celebrated the launch of a book by Fendi designer Kim Jones and Moss’ photographer boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, at London’s Royal Academy of Arts last week, her half-sister, Lottie, is in rehab in Arizona. Lottie has been amusing herself there by posting pictures of her mostly naked body on social media and joking about drugs.

“I’ve got a really bad addiction to coke,” she mouths in a TikTok video with the caption: “When people ask why I’m in rehab. When everyone’s glamorizing drooog taking but you’re literally in r3h4b,” she wrote in a previous post, which appeared to be deliberately misspelled to avoid TikTok censors.

Dancing to the theme from HBO’s “Euphoria,” a drama about drugged-up teenagers,” she added, “I think I took euphoria too literally, u guys.” Lottie, now 24, is just as wild as Kate was when she was younger. And we’re talking about the woman dubbed “Cocaine Kate” (after photos of her with lines of the drug surfaced in 2005) and “The Tank” (for the amount of vodka she could put away).


Despite this, a family source reportedly revealed that Kate has “fallen in and out of sympathy” for Lottie. “There have been times when Kate has felt straight-up mortified. She has had her head in her hands about Lottie and what she is doing with her career.” While Kate, who is now mostly retired from modeling, has her own Kate Moss Agency, which represents tomorrow’s catwalk stars, it does not include her own sister.

Kate’s 19-year-old daughter, Lila, a successful model with her mother’s agency, has a more difficult relationship with the family’s new black sheep. Meanwhile, Lottie has progressed from fashion features in Vogue to the bottom rungs of the modelling world.

“Lila won’t have anything to do with Lottie. During lockdown, Kate invited Lottie to come and live with her in the Cotswolds at her country house. Lila point-blank refused to have anything to do with Lottie on social media.”

“Lottie had been in Los Angeles, running with a fast crowd, and Lila was not into it at all. She is disdainful of Lottie. Another time Lottie dyed her hair pink with Lila’s help, and Lila refused to be in a single picture on Instagram with her.”

“Kate had been quite annoyed by the Glow stuff and they [kept each other] at an arm’s length. But then lockdown happened, and Kate felt sorry for Lottie and tried to take her in and take care of her. Kate is really close to her dad [Peter, also Lottie’s father] and wanted to help, so she invited Lottie to stay. They got on well for a time but had some massive argument.”

“Kate was frustrated because Lottie kept on wanting to drink and posting sexually provocative stuff on Insta all the time. It isn’t easy for Kate to be around people who are drinking, and she definitely won’t be around anyone who is using cocaine.”

Lottie has previously admitted that she has struggled to live in her older sister’s shadow. She claimed that everything was given to her and that she never felt like she did anything on her own.

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