Euphoria follows a group of high school students as they navigate identity, trauma, drugs, friendships, love, and sex. Euphoria has been renewed for a third season due to its popularity. Sydney Sweeney rose to prominence as Emaline in the Netflix series Everything Sucks! and as Eden in the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale.

Sydney Sweeney, Hollywood’s newest it-girl, spoke out about her struggles breaking into the industry in an interview with British GQ. While a casting director once warned her she’d never be on TV because she didn’t have the proper look, the 24-year-old now laughs about the stinging remark.

There were many, many years where I got told ‘No’ endlessly. I got told I wasn’t good enough, I would never make it, I wasn’t pretty enough — all the time. Now, I’m on some of the biggest TV shows in the world.

The Euphoria star gushed her achievement to the outlet. Fifty-Fifty Films is the brainchild of the bombshell, who has starred in shows such as The White Lotus and Everything Sucks. She landed a brief role on Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale in 2018, at the age of 21, before landing roles on Sharp Objects and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

She is best recognized for her portrayal as troubled teenager Cassie Howard in the TV drama Euphoria. Her commitment to hard work and great aspirations stems in part from her early financial struggles, which included living in a one-bedroom hotel with her parents and brother for nine months as a youngster.

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