Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have parted ways. The sudden split after engagement left many fans wondering what had caused it. It seems like difference in politics could be a reason for their split.

The couple initially began dating in July of 2020. The two confirmed their engagement on February 2021, much to the approval of fans. They split this week after year-long engagement.

Politics and general worldview have become common factor in break-up. Especially in the polarizing environment of the country today. Sources told US Weekly that Rodgers and Woodley certainly had their differences and ultimately their relationship didn’t work.

“They thought were a good match for each other in the beginning but the more they got to know each other they realized their careers, their interests [and] their political views weren’t aligned.” Woodley has garnered attention for her activism on environmental issues, including a 2016 arrest in Standing Rock, North Dakota in connection with a protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. A source mentioned that Rodgers focus on his NFL career as an issue, saying that the quarterback “was focusing more on the sport than on future plans with Shailene.”

Apparently, the breakup did not come as a surprise to confidantes of the former celebrity couple. An insider told People that the quarterback and Divergent star “fell hard and fast, but it was a mismatch from the start,” The source added that “No one in their circle is surprised this didn’t work out.”

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Shifa Jahan

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