Jennifer Aydin is no stranger to getting plastic surgeries as she herself has done a few. An old picture of Aydin was circulating on social media and fans had nothing but good things to say about her appearance.

The photos were shared by an account named MyFamilyGenie which showed Jennifer in 1995 and in 1994. It was long before she had any plastic surgery done on her. The most noticeable difference in her looks is Jennifer’s bangs, which she no longer sports.

Fans who saw the throwback photos thought that Jennifer looked great, and wrote as much in the comments section. “She was so.prettyyyy… she still is [though],” one comment read. “LOVE THESE – What a gorgeous gal,” another person wrote.

Jennifer is fairly recognizable in the photos given the fact that they were taken more than two decades ago. There was one thing that always bothered Jennifer, and that’s her nose. She discussed this in an interview with Bravo Insider after undergoing rhinoplasty.

Jennifer started off with a breast reduction and lift. Later, she underwent a tummy tuck after she had her five kids. More recently, Jennifer had a nose job and a chin implant, both done by a doctor in Turkey, but ended up removing her chin implant.

Fans were delighted at the fact that she looked incredibly beautiful before going through tons of surgeries to shape her face. We don’t have any new tips but it’s unknown if Jennifer plans on having any additional surgeries.

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