Jennifer Aydin is walking on tight ropes after being surrounded by a number of events. Her husband’s extramarital affair has put her in the headlines and now she’s on about her drinking habits on the show.

In an interview with People, Aydin confirmed that she quit drinking while filming season 12 of RHONJ. She told the outlet that she has never been a “big drinker” to begin with. She has had bad experiences with being drunk and that has affected her decision.

“If you know me in real life, you would know that I really am not a big drinker. It’s just that when I do drink, I don’t know my limits, obviously, And sometimes, it catches stuff with me before I notice. That’s just because I don’t drink excessively enough to know where my limit is. I don’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of this girl, we got to find out”

Aydin recounted her experience of getting black-out drunk at Teresa Giudice’s pool party last season. Her husband Bill how to carry her out to their Ferrari. While admitting to her limits she also said that she does not have a drinking problem.

Jennifer previously told Us Weekly that her darker drunkenness occurred due to the fact that she had been dealing with family problems. COVID-19 has added to that since she filmed the pool party with the RHONJ cast last season. “I’m not an alcoholic, I just like to have a good time” Aydin added.

In other news, she is openly talking about her relationship with her husband Bill Aydin. The reality star is also revealing all the sordid details of his scandalous affair. This might add to her non-existent “drinking problem”.

For now, Jennifer has vowed off drinking and promises to keep it that way for the upcoming iterations. After seeing her drunken behavior last year on the Bravo reality show, she has finally decided to curb excessive alcohol intake.

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