Horatio Sanz is an extravagant comedian and as well as an actor in the industry. Days are not going well with Horatio since he has faced allegations of sexual assault. The woman claimed that Horatio abused her all over SNL and that Jimmy Fallon was aware of their inappropriate relationship.

A woman who accused Horatio Sanz of grooming and sexually assaulting her as a teenager last year claimed that some of the actor’s crew and cast members, including Jimmy Fallon, were aware of the abuse but did nothing to stop it.

Sanz’s accuser, a Pennsylvania resident identified as ‘Jane Doe,’ filed a sensational lawsuit against the comedian in August 2021, alleging that he groped her breasts and touched her genitals in front of his coworkers during an SNL afterparty in 2002 when she was only 17 years old.

Now, in a stunning investigation published by The Daily Beast, the accuser has broken her silence. Sanz’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, vigorously refuted the allegations at the time, calling them “ludicrous” and “categorically false,” and accusing Doe of attempting to extract a multimillion-dollar payment but failing.


It outlined her claimed history with Sanz and SNL, as well as her alleged abuse, which she claimed began when she was a teenage Fallon superfan when he was a member of the long-running comedy show’s cast.

According to Doe, Others at NBC were aware of Sanz’s inappropriate relationship with her. She described as including public displays of affection and drinking alcohol with her at afterparties attended by castmates and staffers.

“Horatio certainly is the main character here, but he didn’t abuse me in a vacuum; he abused me all over Saturday Night Live.”

Doe said that she was 15 years old when she became part of SNL’s nascent online community and created a fan page dedicated to Fallon, who was her favorite cast member. She said Fallon and his friend and officemate, Sanz, emailed her to thank her for her efforts.

Flirtatious chats between Sanz and the girl half his age followed, and before long, Doe said she began attending cast after parties and after-after parties as Sanz’s guest. She claimed many SNL staffers observed her drinking alcohol and doing drugs at those events, despite her being underage at the time.

She alleged in her lawsuit, which names Sanz and NBC as defendants, that the actor pulled her towards his body and touched her buttocks in full few of his colleagues. According to the plaintiff, Fallon, who currently hosts The Tonight Show, was aware of her age, and even helped her prepare for her standardized aptitude tests.

Fans must now wait to see how Horatio and Jimmy respond to this. What are your thoughts? Is this allegation true or false? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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