The rapper Drakeo The Ruler was finally laid to rest in Los Angeles, California. The open-casket funeral of the rapper took place in his hometown two months after the demise of the rapper.

Drakeo The Ruler’s fans, family and friends said their final goodbyes. The 28-year-old rapper — real name Darrell Wayne Caldwell, received his funeral at the Greater Emmanuel Temple Church in Lynwood, which is close to where he grew up, which is South Los Angeles community.

The rapper’s body was laid within a $36,000 platinum coffin along with life-size images of him as well as a huge floral arrangement that spelled out his name in yellow and blue flowers.

Drakeo’s son, Caiden, did not get to take a final look at the rapper being laid to rest. The 5-year old could not fully understand the gravity of the situation, and his mother, Tianna Purtue, said that she could not let him see his father like that.

We couldn’t do it. It was just way too hard. I didn’t want him to have any last memories of seeing his father in a casket. I just prefer to keep the memories he has, and the photos. Caiden understood he was coming to the church, but I kept having to explain that we were saying our final goodbyes.

The service was followed by the rapper’s mourners seeing him for one last time before he was laid to rest. Drakeo’s mother, Darrylene Corniel, mournfully wept after laying her eyes on him one final time. The rapper’s coffin was taken outside by the Stinc Team crew, where he was carried to a white chariot. It was followed by a whole fleet of Rolls Royces, as the rapper was driven to the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills.

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