Kim Kardashian’s public attire seems to be all pink as her personal life continues to descend into shambles. Kanye West has been stirring up a lot of unpleasantness for her. However, it seems that in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Kim Kardashian has chosen it’s positivity over Kanye’s drama.

The 41-year old showed up in full Balenciaga as she was going through her errands on Monday all around L.A. She was with North & Penelope Disick, who also wore red and pink outfits.

Kim’s wardrobe included bright pink jacket, a pink sweater as well as thigh-lengthy boots as well. Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian celebrated Valentine’s Day together ahead of the schedule as they went on a date at night.

Kanye West’s most recent act on Instagram was to sort of put in end to the controversy that has been going on. He apologized (in a way) to Kim Kardashian for leaking her texts while talking about wanting a team of professionals, who could help him communicate better.


The rapper is also planning to deviate away from his CAPS LOCK style of posting on Instagram. He recognized that it comes across as screaming to many people, and it’s a relief that he finally sees that.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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