Kodak Black was caught up in a chaotic frenzy outside Justin Bieber’s After Party. The rapper’s condition has improved. Just as Kodak was leaving the hospital after being shot, it appears that he will have to return because DreamDoll recently shot him with rejection.

Kodak Black’s attempts to obtain DreamDoll have all been futile. After numerous attempts to gain access to his fellow music-making peer, it appears DreamDoll is here to put an end to any chance of ever working with Kodak.

According to VladTv, DreamDoll jumped in the comments after the Florida rapper posted a series of photos in honor of Valentine’s Day, explaining that the photos were simply behind the scenes of their video shoot and nothing more.

She also explicitly stated, “you will never be my man Kodak, please stop.” 


“Yall need to stop gassing this n**** this is BTS from our video shoot.”

Let’s see how Kodak reacts to the news, or if it just fuels his determination. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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