Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant alum Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra have been together since high school and have been on Teen Mom for many years. Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn reunited with their 12-year-old daughter Carly last year, who they placed for adoption in 2009.

In a recent Instagram post, Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra said some nasty things that frightened viewers. The father-of-four accompanied a poem about fighting “evil” with a black-and-white photo of himself looking in a mirror. The caption he wrote was the major concern of worry.

Go ahead
Try to bury me
I prefer the dirt
For I am a seed
I’ll grow back fervently like weeds
Watch me take over with greens
Dominating roots underneath
My power comes from places you can’t see
Stretching into the earth so deep
My core is untouchable to your type of evil
So bring on the storms & let the rain pour
That weather has always pushed me
To grow back stronger than I was before.

He even included the hashtag #WritingIsHealing. Fans expressed their concern in the comments section, asking if the MTV star was okay. “Seems to me you lost in life. It happens, you will find yourself again. Wish you and the family the best bless you all.”


“No one [should] bury you!! What a fab dad and husband you [seem] to be through all [your] challenges!!” commented another Instagram user. Others used the chance to praise the “16 and Pregnant” alum’s remarkable writing abilities.

“Publish your work! It’s amazing!” one fan chimed in. Another Instagram user weighed in, writing, “Powerful and beautifully expressed. I hope you keep writing. You’re really good, Tyler.”

Tyler revealed his struggle with bipolar disorder on a September 2021 episode of Teen Mom OG, according to The Sun. The 30-year-old opened out about his fears as a father and how his “difficult background” influenced his mental health. We hope that Tyler finds his own peace of mind the soonest.

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