There’s not a single person in Hollywood that wouldn’t recognize Kelsey Grammer. He had a massive career, and at one point in television history, he became the highest-paid actor. One of his most famous roles is the character of a psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane.

Recently Kelsey has been under fire on twitter as his sexist and misogynistic confessions were digged. These come from his 1995 autobiography So Far…

Here are some of Kelsey’s views on women

Nice girls made me really nervous, claustrophobic. But broken women, women in pain, women looking to be fixed—ah, for these women the doctor was in.


An article from 2015 relating to Kelsey’s biography made its way on Twitter and is now being shared left and right. The report highlights some of the questionable moments from his book. It also talks a bit about his past.

Twitter is going off on Kelsey today, with some calling him pig to some pointing out how predatory his views are. Below are some of the tweets of users disapproving of the Actor’s views on women.

Bhupen Dange

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