Ashley Jones, 24, recently called out David Eason, 33, after he slammed fellow Teen Mom Leah Messer on Facebook. David, who is married to Jenelle Evans, Leah’s former co-star, published a Celebuzz article implying that Leah is expecting her fourth kid. “She’s a loser,” David wrote on Facebook beside the piece.

“Why is she a loser David?” a Teen Mom fan account captioned a copy of the Facebook post on Instagram. Fans expressed their support for Leah by commenting on the fan account’s post. One fan wrote, “oh, the irony of David calling ANYONE a loser.” Another Instagram user commented, “He loves trying to stay in the spotlight. Don’t feed the trolls.”

Teen Mom star Ashley Jones wrote in response to the post, defending her pal Leah. Ashley’s supporters complimented her for standing up for her pal. “I like you,” one Instagram user replied to Ashley’s message. You’re always there for your pals.” One user, however, took issue with Ashley’s statement, accusing her of body-shaming David by claiming she weighed more than he did.

not chewy the chunky Chewbacca coming for my bishh.

When David was found driving with a revoked license in November 2021, he made news. David Eason is a frequent user of social media, particularly TikTok. He talks about his day-to-day activities, such as cooking and what he’s up to. Eason was also chastised multiple times this past month for his monstrous appearance.

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