Kim Kardashian has been making headlines for being in the cover of Vogue magazine. However, not all the attention is positive. The reality television star is now being called out for copying supermodel Naomi Campbell.

This all started after Kim shared a series of photos from the Vogue photoshoot to her Instagram. Needless to say, she looked gorgeous in all of them. However, among the series of pictures one stood out to the fans.

In the shot, the reality star donned a white corset with a high neck, long-sleeved top covering the top part of her chest. Kim matched her lower half with a ruffled skirt that flowed out to the sides at the bottom. Kim finished off the look with her straight black parted in the middle, resting behind her shoulders.

Fans were quick to put two and two together. Kim’s style and stance in the photo immediately reminded them of a similar photo that British model Naomi posed in for the magazine year’s prior. The runway beauty was featured on the front cover of Vogue’s 2020 issue where she too wore a white high neck long-sleeved top that puffed out at the bottom.

Not to mention, Naomi also styled her hair in the same way as Kim. The fashion gossip Instagram page, Diet Prada made the connection between the photo’s similarities, capturing the post with a dig at the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum writing, “Kim and Vogue said ‘Black History Month.” To everyone’s surprise, Naomi herself was one of the nearly 100,000 users who liked the post.

This led fans to immediately take to reddit to talk about the shade Naomi threw at Kim. “This is especially interesting because on many occasions, Kim has made it out to seem like her and Naomi are so close. With the happy birthday posts and the praise. Doesn’t look like Naomi agree,” wrote one user.

While a second user pointed the finger at Vogue adding, “This is really bad on Vogue, recycling shoots and looks though is all fashion seems to be.” A third user chimed in by saying, “I think it was bad on the director of the photo shoot that all of her solo pics remind me other celebrities. The styling didn’t feel original and seems very repetitive.”

As for Kim, she is unbothered and thriving. Kanye West is already a handful. Naturally, the reality star doesn’t want to involve herself in any other drama.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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