Farrah Abraham has been the subject of a lot of criticism recently. Following the most recent Teen Mom reunion, fans targeted the Teen Mom star. Farrah Abraham brought huge drama to the latest Teen Mom Reunion. None of the cast members knew she was going to be included. There has even been some physical violence.

Farrah has been reprimanded for threatening to sue Barstool Sports. After threatening to sue Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Sports and Egotastic, a gossip site that explores celebrity news’ sexy side, the Teen Mom OG alum was mocked. Most recently, Farrah posted some furious rant against Barstool Sports in her Instagram stories.

@barstoolsports if you do not delete all of your misogynistic, patriarchy, hate crime, defamation “Back door teen mom” titles down in association with my name I’m filing a law suite. I’ve gone to sex therapy from the sex tape bullshit I went through, I’ve said enough about my reality and I’ll be damned if you wish to bully me, manipulate who I am, retaliate, defame, and continue to share illegal content I own and mislead people. I’ve had enough damage on mu life and I’ve already said to stop and take it down. I’m filing a lawsuit today and I hope @Barstoolsports shuts down. If you don’t have a law degree don’t be a failed journalist. I’m checking into a trauma treatment program and I’m tired of this. Keep things in context and get consent.

After Barstool and Egotastic published articles about her selling poo in a container, Abraham accused them of defamation. She then advertised her poop slime, which costs $9 and can be purchased on her website. Abraham’s threat elicited no immediate response from Portnoy’s employer, Barstool Sports. On the other side, Egotastic made some snarky remarks.


The original video of Abraham selling her waste was posted in January and circulated in the “Teen Mom” universe, but Barstool Sports and Egotastic may have discovered it through TikTok after Abraham was called out by Amy Jackson, a social media user. The video has received over 1.2 million views, 40,000 likes, and 3,300 comments. Check out Farrah’s latest spree of Instagram stories down below.

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