Kanye West has had an unusual week. Yes, we get that the rapper probably never has a normal week, but even by Yeezy’s standards, this one was insane. Last Friday, Kanye accused Kim Kardashian of kidnapping her daughter North West, which sparked a bizarre chain of events.

North had appeared in one of her mother’s TikTok videos, which supposedly amounted to kidnapping in Kanye’s eyes. Anyway, we’re used to Kanye’s outrageous claims and exaggerations, but this newest round of nonsense caught us off guard for two reasons.

One one hand, Kanye has been attempting to reclaim Kim until recently. On the other hand, West was still dating Julia Fox, as far as anyone knew. Kanye’s latest outburst, predictably, sparked reports that he and Julia had broken up.

It’s not as though Ye needed an excuse to go over the deep end, but the kidnapping diatribe was just one of several signs that he and Julia had split up. For example, West has been spending a lot of time with Chaney Jones, a Kim Kardashian impersonator who has dubbed herself his muse.


So it appeared to the rest of the world that Kanye had dumped Julia in favor of Chaney. For the majority of this week, West and Fox appeared to be avoiding discussing their relationship, and many felt that their silence spoke volumes.

However, two people close to Julia have confirmed to E! News that Ye and Julia are no longer as close as they once were. In reality, they live on opposite sides of the country. Despite what the media suggest, Fox’s pals insist that she, not Kanye, was the one who opted to take a break.

“Julia is a mom first and her family and work obligations are in New York. Ye did express he wanted her in Los Angeles, but she couldn’t take that on. Although they remain close, their relationship has evolved,” said the the source.

A second source revealed that Ye’s most recent outbursts are a result of his connection with Julia, but not in the way we imagined. Sadly, it appears that Ms. Fox is the latest woman to take over Kanye’s babysitting duties.

Julia is unconcerned about Ye’s persistent preoccupation with Kim, according to the source, because she is focused on her friends and family right now, and does not have the energy to put into a relationship.

Fox did not respond to the E! News allegation, but she did take to Instagram last week to deny that she and Kanye had split up. Julia was moved to answer after fans saw she had deleted multiple images of Kanye and unfollowed various fan accounts devoted to her connection.

So, while Julia and Kanye haven’t formally broken up, it appears that they’re drifting apart. That is perhaps unsurprising. After all, they reside on opposite coasts and have opposing priorities. Julia wants to be the best mother she can be, while Kanye is distracted by the urge to stalk his ex-girlfriend 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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