Kanye West understands the importance of capturing significant events in his life. Throughout his decades-long career, the multi-hyphenate has made it a point to document some of his most unique hangout sessions with other music and entertainment heavyweights.

We’ve recently seen him sharing images from meetings with celebrities like Madonna, Drake, Floyd Mayweather, Antonio Brown, and others. As the promotion for his upcoming highly anticipated studio album, Donda 2, proceeds, Ye has provided yet another look into the types of meetings he’s been scheduling in the lead-up to the album’s release.

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Photos of his studio session with Drake, Travis Scott, Baby Keem, and Yung Lean leaked on social media, piquing fans’ interest in the possibility of a future Ye x Drake collaboration, as well as Yung Lean’s rebirth in the community.


Masked Ye appears in a photo alongside Travis Scott, Drake, Baby Keem, and Yung Lean, possibly hinting to some of the artists who will appear on the album. Since last night, the photo has been shared on social media by nearly every hip-hop site, and it’s likely to be shared indefinitely because this kind of collaboration doesn’t happen every day.

When will Ye, Drake, Travis Scott, Baby Keem, and Yung Lean be in the same room again? Perhaps never. This iconic picture will live forever. Stay tuned for Donda 2 news and updates, which is dropping on February 22.

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