Caleb Kennedy, 17, was recently involved in a car accident in South Carolina that claimed the life of a man. The American Idol alum was charged with felony driving under the influence resulting in death. According to recent reports, Kennedy has been given no bond after the fatal crash in Spartanburg Co.

Caleb was driving a 2011 Ford pickup north on W. Murph Road when the vehicle traveled onto a private drive at 269 W. Murph Road and struck a building. A person inside the building sustained fatal injury as a result of the collision. The crash remained under investigation by the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

The former American Idol contestant was not given bond during his initial hearing Wednesday morning. Due to the charges, the Spartanburg County court referred Kennedy’s case to the General Sessions court. His initial court appearance is set for April 14th at 9:00 AM.

According to 7NEWS, the victim, Larry Duane Parris, 54, was outside of the building on his property when he was struck by Kennedy’s truck. During the collision, Parris was ran over and shoved into the building.


It happened shortly after Kennedy met a friend at a nearby Walmart, according to Spartanburg County Solicitor Barry Barnette. He admitted to taking a hit from a vape pen before getting behind the wheel, according to officers on the scene.

Officials claimed he may have had a negative reaction to a combination of his prescribed medication and the vaporizer during his bond hearing. Kennedy ended up down a 175-yard private driveway on a lane with only two houses later that day. Larry Paris’s family was noticeably distressed in the courtroom on Wednesday. They requested that Kennedy’s bond be denied by the judge.

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