Offset is one of hip-top hop’s performers right now, and he’s never been afraid to flaunt his wealth. Offset is a tremendous enthusiast of all things linked to footwear, as well as cars, jewelry, and fashion.

Offset will go into his sneaker closet whenever he has the chance and record a quick video to show his followers all of the rare kicks he has stashed away. Offset is well-known in hip-hop for being a sneakerhead.

Offset flaunted what appears to be a genuinely insane and spotless shoe closet, complete with a wealth of legendary and rare Air Jordans, in his most recent Instagram story. DJ Akademiks took a grab and shared the snippet.

#offset showing off his shoe closet.

Offset mentioned in the video that he owns both the original and retro models, which is quite incredible. Offset, of course, is always up to date on the latest arrivals, and no matter what, he’s determined to get his hands on the best shoes that come out each year.

2022 is expected to be a good year for sneakers, and we expect Offset’s massive collection to increase even more. Check out his flawless kicks collection video below.

In the comments section below, tell us what you think of his closet.

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