Missy Elliott’s effect on generations of musicians in a variety of genres is unrivalled in the business. Lil Wayne praised her accolades during an interview with DJ Khaled. The rapper, singer, dancer, choreographer, and more has won scores of awards praising her skills and original vision.

On his Amazon Music podcast, The First One, the Florida-based producer caught up with Weezy in October 2020. Thanks to a fan who wanted to emphasize Wayne’s statements regarding Missy, a footage of the conversation just appeared on Twitter. Her attention was drawn to that tweet.

[Praying hands emoji][purple heart emoji] @LilTunechi has shown me love since my 2nd album I am so humbly grateful [praying hands emoji] love & respect back to him [purple heart emoji].

Lil Wayne said these when asked who his greatest influence was when he was creating his early hits. Missy expressed her gratitude to Tunechi after the revived clip appeared on her feed.


Fans couldn’t get enough of these two GOATs showing their love and respect for each other. Check out the tweet below for the resurfaced Wayne clip and Missy Elliott’s response.

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