The 69 year old actor Liam Neeson spent several months in Melbourne in 2020. He was there to film the action movie which was released on 20th January last month. Apparently he found new love there in Australia.

Liam Neeson has confessed that he fell in love with a woman while he was shooting his new film Blacklight in Australia. Later he found out that the woman wasn’t available. That’s what the movie star discussed with an Australian talk show host on Monday while promoting the movie.

Liam began to discuss his experience filming down under heavy COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in 2020. “I loved Melbourne. I loved our Australian crew, they are fantastic workers” he said. “I made a couple of pals,” he said, then breaking into a smile. “I fell in love, but she was taken.”

The host didn’t pry Liam any further about who the mystery woman was. Instead prompted viewers and fans to give some hints about the identity of the woman who captivated Liam’s heart. “If you know the lady involved, go to our Facebook page and give us some hints” one of the host David Koch said.

The action star, 68, has remained single for over 13 years after his wife, the actor Natasha Richardson died in 2009 after a fatal fall at a Canadian ski resort. An autopsy report found she suffered a blunt blow to the head. She was 45. Neeson and Richardson married in 1994 and have two sons, Micheál and Daniel.

Liam’s action-packed thriller Blacklight is coming to theaters on February 11.

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