Joe Rogan got smacked into controversy after he made some wild claims on his podcast. Joe faced backlash from all sorts of places with several music creators banding together against Joe in protest. Joe did offer his sincere apology soon after the incident but Rev. Al Sharpton thinks Joe has to do more.

Al Sharpton spoke with TMZ recently and he had some pointers for Joe to recover from this major PR crisis. Al told the outlet, Joe has to prove that he’s learned from this controversy and overuse of the n-word.

However, Al was rather hazy when explaining what “more” does he want from Joe. He was asked by the outlet to share his thoughts on Joe’s apology. While Al thinks Joe seemed sincere in his apology but he’d like to see some actions behind the words to show true penance.

Al pointed out, Joe used the n-word several times and the apology from Joe came after he was exposed when old clips of him resurfaced online. Al proclaimed Joe should have offered an upfront confession.

Rev. Sharpton emphasized that Joe has to do “more” to right the ship but, interestingly, he told the outlet a meeting with community leaders, as is often done, probably won’t cut it. You can check out his whole exchange with TMZ below.

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