Elizabeth Lyn Vargas of The Real Housewives of Orange County recently had a very scary situation inside her own home. Vargas was allegedly taken hostage by her ex-boyfriend while SWAT officers surrounded the property. Her ex-barricaded himself inside the home which lead to a intense standoff.

TMZ obtained a video from inside the former “RHOC” star’s home which showed her ex, Ryan Geraghty yelling at her  “I’m taking you out, and then everybody else.” Ryan was visibly angry when he said in a cold tone, ” They can shoot me if they want. I don’t give a f**k anymore, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Ryan’s statement becomes even more bone-chilling when considering armored vehicles and SWAT officers had surrounded Vargas’ Newport Beach home. A fearful Vargas got the police involved after Ryan was on his way to her house. In the video, Ryan can be heard saying, “Bring the big boys, how f**king dare you.”

The cops reached the scene after Vargas called 911 to report an extortion attempt. Vargas alleged Ryan was acting aggressively recently and was said to have been making financial demands to the reality star.

The officers at the scene spoke to Vargas and decided to watch the house from a distance. Ryan was able to enter her home and was believed to be armed at the moment. After entering her home, Ryan roughed up Vargas but he eventually let her leave. He gave himself up to the police shortly afterwards.

Geraghty is a convicted felon and he was hit with a series of charges which include felony extortion of property by force or threat, several gun charges and possession of a controlled substance. Meanwhile, Vargas seemingly came out of the incident unscathed but hopefully she gets whatever help she needs and can carry on with her usual life.

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Shubham Banerjee

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