Alec Baldwin is preparing to film his first movie since the loss of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in fatal shooting. Baldwin has recently stated that his car was stolen upon his arrival in England.

Alec arrived at Heathrow Airport on Friday. In a rambling video posted to Instagram on Saturday, the 63-year-old actor described how the vehicle was seized. He clearly struggled to suppress his laughter as he revealed the incident.

According to rumors, he is now filming scenes for the next film 97 Minutes. The movie depicts a hijacked airliner that is about to crash due to a lack of fuel. The Knots Landing star began walking down a sparsely populated high street at an undisclosed UK area while filming.

I’m gonna go ahead and record this because I think it’s funny… I get to the airport. I fly on a sleeper flight, and I get to the airport and I get through the immigration. I get my bags I’m heading to the car that’s gonna drive me to where I’m going. And the driver says, “Yeah, we’re gonna go to the car park.” I do my bad accent and there’s a give away as to where I am. “We’re gonna go to the car park. You wait right here and I’ll be back straight away.” And there he goes. I don’t see him for twenty minutes, he’s gone. And I’m like, “Wow.” On my itinerary, there’s a number for the car service. I call and the guy and he says, “I’m not your driver, I’m the owner of the company and your driver, I’ve been on the phone with him the past few minutes and he tells me your car has been stolen from the car park.” Oh s**t. What else? “Your driver, its gone.” Then the guy comes walking up. “It’s gone.” I’m walking around clicking my keychain, the door opener to find out where it is. I wrote down where it was. “Anyway, I hope you found your car.”


Alec arrived at London’s Heathrow airport, looking downcast as he waited in Terminal 5 with other passengers. Alec’s demeanor was previously revealed when he posted a video on Instagram revealing that he ‘hates’ leaving his family to travel and is ‘very sorry’ to be abandoning his loved ones.

The Motherless Brooklyn star was dressed in a black padded jacket and a navy facemask as he stood to pick up his bags. Alec was spotted clutching a luggage cart as he waited for his belongings to be delivered by the conveyor belt, claiming on Instagram that he was moving overseas for a job.

In his video, the actor stated that he feels “extremely sad when I leave my family,” before going on to discuss his relationship with his mother. Check out his hilarious narration below.

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