Angela Yee’s Lip Service is the podcast that will get celebrities talking about the most sensitive details of their sex life. According to Bossip, House Party actress A.J. Johnson was a recent guest on the hit internet show, and during her talk with the hosts, she recalled a particularly remarkable incident she had on her 50th birthday.

The 58-year-old is said to have been in a threesome with two other men. It surprised her co-stars, who looked more interested in sleeping with another lady and a man.

It was never like, them together. They were like – they were flip-flopping me. One would please me then he’d pass me to the other. And one would kiss me and then he would spin me around for me other it was like a beautiful dance. It was like doing the salsa with two guys at the same time. Just like, romantic and sexy and never intertwined but at the same time, it was two.

When questioned if things became awkward the next morning, Johnson said the three of them went out to breakfast and dubbed herself and her sexual partners “The Three Musketeers.”


In other Lip Service news, DreamDoll, the rapper behind “Watchu Like,” sat down with Angela Yee and co. earlier this year to discuss what it’s like to date in the current world as a bisexual woman – read more about it here, and listen to A.J. Johnson’s entire appearance on the popular podcast below.

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