K. Michelle has been a prominent advocate for BBL surgeries for years, documenting her path for her followers. Right now, there is a convergence of trends, as BBL surgeries, butt reductions and body reconstruction treatments are both on the rise. The R&B artist has already spoken up about the misery she was in, even revealing that her doctors warned her that the silicone implants in her rear may have killed her.

Michelle has indicated that she’s had many surgeries to help repair her physique, and DreamDoll claims that she’s now going through the same thing. DreamDoll revealed in June 2021 that she has undergone surgery to fix her figure once more. She announced that on her Instagram story.

Yall, so I just completed a hip removal and a butt reduction. This is my fourth time, and it’s a process, so please be patient.

These surgeries are some of the most dangerous. During a recent interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service, DreamDoll discussed her operations and explained why she chose to go smaller rather than go bigger, despite the fact that many others are going to physicians to get bigger.


It hurts, pain, not wanting a big butt anymore. I got four reductions already. It’s levels to this reducing sh*t so I’m just like, it’s way harder to take out. People be like, ‘Oh it looks like she didn’t take anything out.’ B*tch I took this sh*t out four times, you’re not about to make me keep putting anesthesia in my body to please y’all asses, f*ck that.

The rapper reportedly has silicone injections, as well. She lauded her Colombian doctor while mentioning him by name and bemoaned the fact that individuals don’t share the names of their surgeons. Take a look at the video below.

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