The Boondocks is regarded as one of the best comedy animated series ever. The humor is so deep and intertextual that it requires an extensive understanding of things like 1960s R&B music, blaxploitation films, classic literature, video games, and Japanese anime. Fans were thrilled about a reboot, but now those fans are left in the lurch.

Those who have been crossing their fingers that The Boondocks might return to television have had their hopes dashed by one of the show’s stars. There have been whispers for years that Aaron McGruder’s idea will return to television, but there have been few updates.

The popular comic strip was adapted into a popular animated series in 2005, which ran for four seasons until retiring gracefully in 2014. Sony Pictures Television has “pulled the plug” on the revival, according to Cedric Yarbrough, the actor who plays Tom DuBois.

I hate to say this, but…the show is, right now, not coming back. I don’t know if this is breaking news, but we’ve been wanting to do the show. Sony…they decided they’re going to pull the plug. So, I don’t know. Hopefully, maybe one day we’ll be able to revisit. If we don’t, then that’s what that is, but, I wish the show was coming back.

A worldwide fandom has cried out for it to return, pleading for McGruder and company to confront more modern pop cultural concerns via the eyes of Huey, Riley, and Grandad, but it doesn’t appear that this will happen anytime soon.

The news of a revival first surfaced in 2019, but there has been speculation about its progress since the death of John Witherspoon, the renowned veteran comedian who played Grandad. Regardless, if Yarbrough’s claims are correct, millions of Boondocks fans will be dissatisfied.

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