Billie Eilish drew controversy to herself when old video leaked of her portraying Asians in a stereotypical and very incentive way. Then her boyfriend was called out for old racist tweets. They apologized, and they moved on from that. Now Billie has another racist dilemma on her hands.

An old interview has surfaced showing Billie Eilish revealing her favorite cartoon character, Cindy from The Boondocks. We’ll drop a video of Cindy below so you can catch up on the reference before we proceed.

While relating to the character, Billie Eilish says: “[Cindy] is me if I did all the things I thought about doing.” Naturally, this caused alarm due to the nature of Cindy’s character on the show.

Fans chimed in on social media to criticize Billie Eilish for this statement. They were not shy to call her out in a big way as one fan wrote, “The show is literally based off of black stereotypes that black people can laugh at… Cindy’s whole character is pretending to be black so the fact that she relates to her is a little concerning.”


Some also saw the absolute irony in what Billie said as they observed, “That character was literally placed in the Boondocks to satirize white girls who build their entire personality off hip-hop culture… And that’s her fav.”

This kind of attention shouldn’t be a big surprise for people who know Billie’s antics. She can’t even plug her new record without stating a stir over a vulgar invitation.

It seems that Billie Eilish has stepped in it again. Now we will have to see if she issues another apology about this statement. Stay tuned, because she’s likely not finished making headlines.

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H Jenkins

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