Jenelle Evans is constantly finding new ways to set herself up for mockery. The Teen Mom star has faced online ridicule for everything from her messy shoe closet to her funny dance moves. This time, she served the online haters up something fresh.

This all started after a fan commented on Jenelle Evan’s TikTok video asking her is if she lurks on Reddit. Although Jenelle denied visiting Reddit until the user commented, fans think that she is lying. Naturally, this kicked off a Reddit discussion and fans were brutal.

One fan wrote, “Of course she does, What else is her lame ass gonna do?” This sentiment was held by several who upvoted the comment. “Girls so self absorbed she comes on here looking for herself,” wrote another. Fans were convinced that the teen mom was lying about not lurking on thread.

A third fan added by saying, “Really interesting that she’s reporting things insulting her looks and weight and reposting her TikToks but not reporting people calling her out for her abusing her children. She clearly believes it’s worse to be called fat than a child abuser. Tells a lot about her character that she doesn’t even bother to pretend those kids are safe.”


Jenelle Evans is always stirring up some kind of manufactured drama. The reality star adores the attention of her fans. We are convinced that she won’t stop anytime soon.

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