Jenelle Evans is constantly finding new ways to set herself up for mockery. The Teen Mom star has faced online ridicule for everything from poor money management to her constant health issues. Today, she served the online haters up something fresh.

Jenelle took to her Instagram Story to complain about a glitch that prevented her from ordering lunch. Evans’ complaint was prefaced with a statement that she didn’t want to complain. The target of her ire was Subway restaurants.

“I don’t want to complain but @subway has some serious tech issues with their app and website at checkout. They let me order on the phone. T

rying to order lunch for Kaiser.

@subway I hope you get these issues fixed ASAP”

It sounds like she was able to get her lunch order done over the phone. Subway employees who likely make way less money than Jenelle Evans went out of their way to accommodate her and make sure Kaiser gets lunch. Evans still took the Karen route.

Jenelle Evans is always stirring up some kind of manufactured drama. The reality star adores the attention from her fans. Even though she was able to get exactly what she wanted, she’s still serving up a smorgasbord for Teen Mom fans to devour. Today, they’re going to eat fresh.

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Michael Perry

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