Julia Fox and Kanye West have been going strong for months now. Since his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the two have found new companions and have been photographed gallivanting with them to start the new year. Julia Fox has appeared with Ye in many studio sessions, the duo travelled to Paris for Fashion Week 2022, and the couple has had public photoshoots showcasing their love.

Julia has discussed the relationship on several times, claiming that she has dated billionaires throughout her adult life, and that she is with Kanye for who he is and all it entails. In the midst of working on Donda 2, Ye still celebrates Julia Fox’s birthday in style.

Kanye appears to be just as committed in the romance as Julia. Kanye hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to spending time with her while working on Donda 2, the follow-up to his tenth studio album Donda. Julia Fox and Kanye West were recently sighted at Lucien.

For Julia’s birthday, the couple made an appearance on the location. As one would expect with any news from the celebrity couple, photos and videos of the outing circulated on social media. To celebrate her birthday, they can be seen dining, conversing with friends, and clearly enjoying each other’s company and presence.


Julia was also spotted receiving many gifts, the majority of which were jewelry and new statement pieces. While many have accused Julia of dating Kanye for the sake of fame. Julia has spoken out on her podcast Forbidden Fruits to refute those charges. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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