Farrah Abraham made headlines after she was arrested for hitting a security guard. Her arrest video caused a lot of chatter as it got viral. As usual, Farrah has denied ever hitting the security guard.

Soon enough, Farrah was caught packing and loading her possessions into a U-Haul. She is going to move out of the state. Many fans have theorized that this is step Farrah has taken to not lose custody over her daughter.

In her talk with TMZ, Farrah informed of her poor mental health. She mentioned that she is feeling suicidal. Farrah also asserted that she now has no bodily function on her upper right side.

It seems that Farrah is undergoing physical therapy and is hoping that surgery is not necessary after images from the event saw her lying face-down on the floor. This is what Farrah relates and some people have a hard time believing it. A thread on reddit went popular again poking fun at Farrah’s rant.


Whenever I say something stupid it haunts me for decades, I don’t know how Farrah functions.
She doesn’t. She dysfunctions. 😭

Farrah was mercilessly roasted last time as well. The joke that stuck the most was Farrah saying she has lost “dysfunction” in her upper right side. The still of Farrah saying so has become a meme.

The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article, along with the funniest comments from the thread.

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