Fat Joe‘s style is filled with expensive items. From his massive sneaker collection to the fine clothing he models on the regular on his Instagram. There’s no shortage of drip when it comes to the Bronx rap legend.

On Monday Joey Crack added to his jewelry collection with a new purchase that’s leaving his wrist pretty frosty. The Terror Squad rapper took a page out of Gunna’s “Pushin P” book with an Instagram post showing him inside New York City’s Pristine Jewelers. There he got his hands on an iced-out $4 million timepiece.

“So we’re pushin’ P and the only P we’re pushing is Pristine timepieces. I ordered a watch nine months ago, I can’t believe it finally came in,” he said in the clip before drawing attention to his wrist. “This is legendary. If you can get one of these, salute”.

Fat Joe then opened the Pristine Jewelers box to reveal the watch he purchased last year. The timepiece is a bigger and much shinier version of the one Joe had on his wrist. According to the “Lean Back” legend, the watch is called “Avalanche.”

Pristine Jewelers also took to Instagram to give folks a closer look at the stunning, diamond-encrusted watch while listing off the specifications. The timepiece is apparently one of the largest diamond watches ever created. “‘THE AVALANCHE’ a Pristine Timepiece 65 by 55 mm 18kt white Gold Swiss Made Automatic , case covered in 196cts of all GIA Certified Diamonds was Customized To a Specific Clients Liking,” their caption read.

The Avalanche Pristine Timepiece is a Piece Unique fit for a BOSS.

Artoria Pendragon

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