T.I. is not your usual rapper and musician. He has always been exploring different things other than music. Now, we have seen him try stand-up comedy and fans are here for it.

T.I. was seen working the mic in a video that surfaced on social media on Thursday. The video clearly showed that the venue was some kind of a comedy club. We could see Tip going through some of the jokes on stage.

Tip did a few handful of jokes one of which included a joke about the politics of cheating. The rapper goes on to say how he believes it differs between men and women. T.I.’s wife of 12 years, Tiny also recorded bits of his set and posted them to her Instagram stories.

“Can you be in a committed relationship and still have a friend from the opposite sex? Now, if you fucking, it don’t count! The ladies like, ‘Yes it do, it still count!’ See, y’all muthafuckas ain’t shit, man. Ladies cheat! They ain’t better than us, so don’t get into the game because the shit is gonna be fucked up for you.”

Stand-up comedy is just a new domain for him but this isn’t the first time he has wandered off the rap game. T.I. has tried his hand at acting and has since been in several movies. Tip has appeared in titles like Takers, American Gangster, and his own classic AWL.

T.I.’s stand-up comedy set got quite some laughs from the crowd. Some of the reactions on social media weren’t as enthusiastic as the comedy club. People on social media came out saying how his jokes weren’t that funny to be laughed at.

While it remains to be seen whether T.I. has a future in comedy, it wouldn’t be his only creative pursuit outside of rap. We can really look forward to Tip delivering hilarious punchlines in the future if this continues.

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Anirban Biswas

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