Jordyn Woods is at the receiving end of social media’s favorite pass time, which is to spread pregnancy rumors about celebrities. While Rihanna was on the receiving end of these rumors before, Woods has now become the new target.

Woods is subject to rumors because of a reason, however. The 24-year old posted a picture of a Nike shoebox that seemed like it belonged to a baby. The photo dump apparently gave the fans a wrong idea.

The star was asked a question about whether she’s pregnant or not on social media. While being on a Q&A session, the L.A. native answered negatively, and as it turns out, she does not want any at all.

Are you preggy? That shoe box


It was a gift card box, and no I don’t want kids right now, nor am I pregnant. I’ve been wearing baggy clothes because it’s cold AF!!! Minnesota was -4. Also, I’m always cold AF regardless, that’s why I’m trying to get my iron up.”

Woods also said that Woods would simply let her fans know if she was, and not keep it a big secret. Woods might not want a kid right now, but she enjoys a perfectly good relationship with her Minnesota Timberwolves player boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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