Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott grew closer than ever after the Astroworld tragedy and it seems things are getting pretty serious now. Although she is about to give birth to her second baby, fans cannot help but wonder if she is getting married right after.

This all started after a source told Hollywoodlife that the pair is the strongest they have ever been, right now. Kylie and Travis are now talking a lot about their future that involves wedding rings, vows, and a wild reception. The Kylie Cosmetics founder has made it clear that she wants to marry Travis Scott.

“They have been talking a lot about their future together,” said the source. “That future involves a ring, vows, and a wild reception because the insider says Kylie has “made it very clear to Travis that she wants the perfect family, and she wants to marry him.” It seems Kylie knows what she wants and has laid out her intention of doing so.

Kylie is already in wedding-planning mode. “She wants an elaborate wedding with a beautiful white gown made by a top designer, and she already has the vision of what she wants in her head,” continued the source. “She’s wanted this her whole life, and she feels that she really deserves it. She wants to have the dream wedding and, after two children together, this is the next logical step.”


Kylie also sees marriage as a way to give their daughter, Stormi, and their unborn child as normal of an upbringing as possible, even though both of their parents are celebrities. Fortunately, Travis is aware of Kylie’s needs as her sisters have expressed it to him several times.

As of now, Kylie Jenner fans are on baby watch. Hopefully, she will announce her marriage right after, Travis Scott is a lucky man.

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