NBA YoungBoy has continuously been in the headlines since the staring of the year. YoungBoy is a fascinating rapper who holds multiple properties and illegal activities have often been associated with his persona. NBA YoungBoy’s TX home just got raided and cops arrested 3 men while a gun was seized.

An aggressive SWAT raid was conducted on NBA Youngboy’s Texas house, where his mother currently resides. Resulting in the arrest of three individuals and the recovery of many weapons.

According to a representative for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, SWAT police executed a warrant at the residence Tuesday morning. According to TMZ, NBA YoungBoy bought the house and his mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, lives there. It’s unclear whether she was home when authorities came.

YoungBoy and his mother were not arrested. The officers labeled the three men arrested as YoungBoy’s associates. They were arrested on accusations ranging from aggravated robbery to aggravated assault.

According to Sheriff spokesperson Thomas Gilliland, the arrest is connected to the November shooting of a 20-year-old male. According to the cops, the man was shot numerous times in the torso and head, but he survived and is now out of the hospital.

The SWAT squad allegedly seized weapons including AR-15s, handguns, and long guns. After doing time in federal prison in connection with a weapons case, NBA Youngboy was released on bond in October. He not only had to pay $500,000 but he was also forced to stay in Utah until his trial date.

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