Barry Bonds began his career as a five-tool player with speed to burn. After a major falling out with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 1990’s, Bonds took his talents to San Francisco. As Barry’s body ballooned into a superhero-like form, so did his statistics. Bonds became the living embodiment of the excess of baseball’s steroid era.

Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001, making him the all-time record holder for a single season. Just years earlier, Mark McGwire broke the long-standing record of 61 previously held by Roger Maris. The incredible mass and power on display in baseball even lead to a Congressional inquiry.

Many baseball purists believed that Bonds’ obvious shortcuts should keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Voters have rejected Barry Bonds in every single year of his eligibility for the ballot. This year was his tenth and final chance. Bonds was once again rejected, according to TMZ Sports.

It seems strange to keep the all-time home run leader out of the Hall of Fame. Barry Bonds was a 14-time all-star and won 7 National League MVPs. The tainted nature of those gaudy records will keep him from being enshrined with the game’s legends forever.


David Ortiz was the only player elected in this year’s Hall of Fame class. Big Papi didn’t have the stats or defensive prowess of Bonds, but he made the cut anyway. Barry will have one last chance with the Today’s Game Era ballot in December.

The San Francisco Giants released a statement pulling for Barry Bonds’ inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The voters have resoundingly rejected that notion thus far. Time will tell if Bonds makes it in his final last-ditch effort.

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Michael Perry

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